Monday, July 30, 2012

Arkansas Ozarks

Today was another hot one.  It was 100 by 10:30am, so it was not a comfortable day.  But there were no run-ins with the law, so it was a good day.

I spent a fair amount of the morning riding in Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains.  These mountains are not as high or distinct as our Appalachian mountains, but more like our Uharrie mountains near Asheboro.  Long sweepers dominate, with only an occasional tight turn.  No hairpin turns in the areas I rode.  I had a good time riding in this area, and hope to come back again.

Needing to move on homeward, about half the day was spent just making miles towards home.  Nothing to really report, except that much of the ride was in the 105-112 degree heat.  As I got nearer to the Mississippi River, the temperature decreased, but humidity increased, making it just as uncomfortable as the more extreme heat. 

Crossed the mighty Mississippi, and noted that the water level was much lower than last year when Barbara and I went out west.  We need lots of rain to halt this severe drought.

Stopped at an auto parts store along the way to pick up a relay for my Motolights.  Installed it in the parking lot at the motel, but it did not help.  Will do some troubleshooting when I get home.

Stopped for the night at Dyersville, TN.  Today's ride was about 425 miles or so.

Tomorrow--ride across Tennessee to my buddy's home in Asheville.


  1. Was hoping there would be a break in the heat today; Also hoping the new relay would fix the Motolights.
    High of 80 in Asheville tomorrow. A good time to be back in NC, Malcolm.

  2. Glad the day went better than Sunday. Wish the weather wasn't so hot for you.

  3. Replies
    1. The heat was brutal on this trip. I thought last year's trip out west was bad; this was much worse, with many days in the 105-110 degree range for many hours. It was unrelenting, but I did make it.