Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back Home

This is another twofer, my last one for this blog.  It covers the last two days of my ride back home.  The objective for Tuesday was to get across Tennessee into Asheville.  I did that, with no particular noteworthy thing happening.  I pulled into my buddy Clay's house about 4:30pm.  It was good to be this close to home and with friends again.

On Wednesday, the ride from Asheville to home was fine.  It was finally a little cooler, with it being almost chilly when Clay and I left his house to get breakfast.  That was nice!  Breakfast done, I headed east, and he went back towards his home.

There were two highlights for this ride home.  One was stopping at Stameys BBQ in Greensboro for lunch.  I had hot dogs and blackberry cobbler.  Delicious on both counts!  Stameys is my favorite restaurant in NC!  The other highlight was seeing my house as I turned the last corner to home.  It was a welcome sight.  Not so hot today, so the 275 mile ride was pretty easy.

So, this finishes the daily (or so) post for this ride.  As is my custom, I'll write one more post to summarize the trip and to give impressions concerning the overall trip.

Home sweet home!

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